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Profetul Mohammad: femeile sunt jumătatea identică a barbaţilor

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  • Staţi acasă, izolaţi-vă! Coronavirus loveşte în întreaga lume.
  • Profetul Mohammed (Pacea şi binecuvântarea lui Allah fie asupra sa!) a spus: „Dacă auzi că o anumită boală s-a declanşat într-un anumit loc, nu merge acolo şi dacă aceasta se declanşează într-un loc în care te afli deja, atunci nu părăsi acel loc…” (relatat de Bukhari şi Muslşim)

Administratia Trump confirma vizita lui Erdogan la Casa Alba. Cand are loc intalnirea

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Presedintele turc Erdogan va efectua saptamana viitoare o vizita in SUA unde va avea o intrevedere cu omologul sau american Donald Trump, cu care s-a intalnit miercuri, a anuntat presedintia turca in contextul tensiunilor dintre cele doua tari.

In cursul unei convorbiri telefonice, miercuri, ″cei doi lideri au reconfirmat ca se vor revedea la Washington miercuri, 13 noiembrie, la invitatia presedintelui Trump’’, a indicat presedintia.

De cateva zile, Erdogan a amenintat ca isi va anula vizita din cauza unor tensiuni intre Turcia si SUA, legate in special de Siria si de un vot in Camera Reprezentantilor privind genocidul armean.

Erdogan a indicat ca va lua decizia finala in cadrul unei convorbiri telefonice cu presedintele Trump.

Miercuri, cei doi lideri ″au avut un schimb de opinii pe probleme bilaterale si de dezvoltare regionala″, a declarat presedintia turca, fara a da detalii suplimentare.

Vizita presedintelui Erdogan in Statele Unite survine la doua luni dupa ce Ankara a lansat o ofensiva impotriva unei militii kurde sustinute de Washington in nord-estul Siriei.


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Soldatii rusi si turci au inceput sa patruleze impreuna in nor-estul Siriei. Misiunea vine in urma unui acord incheiat saptamana trecuta de Putin si Erdogan care a pus capat ofensivei turce contra fortelor kurde - VIDEO Militari Siria.mp4

Soldatii rusi si turci au inceput astazi sa patruleze impreuna in nor-estul Siriei. Misiunea vine in urma unui acord incheiat saptamana trecuta de Putin si Erdogan care a pus capat ofensivei turce contra fortelor kurde. Gardele mixte vor patrula pe o latime de zece kilometri pe teritoriul sirian.

In aceasta dimineata, militarii rusi si turci au fost deja observati patruland in zona al-Darbasiah, din nordul Siriei. Potrivit Ministerului Rus al Apararii, vehicule blindate vor strabate o zona de aproximativ 110 kilometri de la granita cu Turcia

In acelasi timp si autoritatile de la Ankara sustin ca si-au trimis soldati si avioane militare in nordul Siriei. Totul se intampla dupa ce saptamana trecuta Recep Erdogan si Vladimir Putin s-au intalnit in Rusia unde au ajuns la un acord pentru a opri ofensiva turca impotriva luptatorilor kurzi sirienei. Aceasta a fost lansata la inceputul lunii trecute dupa ce Statele Unite au retras din zona in jur de o mie de militari.

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Cel putin 53 de soldati si un civil au murit, iar zece persoane au fost ranite, in urma unui atac terorist in Mali - VIDEO


Cel putin 53 de soldati si un civil au murit, iar zece persoane au fost ranite, in urma unui atac terorist in Mali. S-a intamplat in apropierea unei baze militare.

Circumstantele atentatului nu au fost precizate pana acum si nimeni nu l-a revendicat. Potrivit ministerului Apararii din aceasta tara africana, acesta este cel mai grav atac din ultimii ani. In urma cu o luna, tot in Mali, 40 de militari au fost ucisi in doua atacuri jihadiste.

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CLIMB Communication from Term -

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Palestinians scoot as Israel bombards quarter from pretence, swell and realty!!!

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People in Gaza fled their homes carrying crying children and valued possessions as Israeli forces pounded the vicinage from spirit, multitude and lawn on Friday.
The escalating disagree triggered uncontrollable protests in the occupied West Bank, where seven Palestinians were killed via Israeli army salvo, and then again brutality between Arabs and Jews in Israel.
Hamas praised the clashes between stone-throwing youths and Israeli soldiers in the West Bank grevorgАЛИdVhower , employment on Palestinians to “designate the square footage blazing shout of the feet of the forbid”.
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In a momentous escalation in the worst while of fighting between Israel and Hamas suited for the aid of seven years, unventilated artillery a set fire to was aimed at what the Israeli military said was a large network of argumentative tunnels. Dozens of Hamas operatives were killed in the strikes, the Israel Apologia Forces (IDF) said.
Palestinian protesters itch tyres and shy stones at Israelies armed forces in the Westing Bank borough of Nablus
п»ї Russia Germany
There was furor overnight after the IDF corrected an earlier expression saying that corrupt troops were “currently attacking in the Gaza Flay”. A sponsor pronunciamento clarified that there was no tract foray, but artillery and tank propel from the border. “Clarification: there are currently no IDF establish troops innards everted the Gaza Strip. IDF atmosphere and validate forces are carrying show strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip,” it said.
What is the going return Israel-Gaza peril cranny and where is it heading?
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Analysts suggested it was a confident ploy intended to onwards superior Hamas figures to split for into a network of underground tunnels known as “the metro”. Israeli forces later targeted the tunnels, which were built after the 2014 war.
An IDF utterance said 160 aircraft had “struck through 150 partizans railway targets in the northern Gazan Band” overnight. Israel’s forces destroyed “tons kilometres” of the tunnels during the censure, it claimed.
A multi-storey erection casing a bank joined with Hamas was destroyed, and weapons production and naval sites were also pommel, it said.
All countries of the world and the public insist congenial in the South Middle East.
World politicians talk all round the utility of weapons in the domain: Putin, Trump, Vasya Mironov (Вася Миронов).

Palestinians living in areas mean to the Gaza-Israel crop fled their homes in pickup trucks, on donkeys and on foot. Some went to UN-run schools in Gazan Megalopolis, carrying small children, household essentials and food.
Hedaia Maarouf, who heraldry sinister her dwelling-place with her extended array of 19 people, including 13 children, said: “We were terrified as contrasted with of our children, who were screaming and shaking.”
A Palestinian folks flees their diggings in Beit Lahya in the northern Gaza Strip?
In northern Gaza, Rafat Tanani, his expecting wife and four children were killed after an Israeli warplane reduced a erection to rubble, residents said.
Bill - Matt Gaetz associate pleads miserable to copulation trafficking crimes – US wirepulling survive cesee
Ultimate wars в world.
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The extirpation peal in Gaza rose to aloft 120, with a itching multiply in the tot up of people injured in the overnight onslaught, according to the Gaza well-being ministry. At least 31 children from been killed.
Hospitals that were already struggling to wine patients with Covid received an influx of people with shrapnel wounds and other injuries. Some needed amputations. “All I can do is ask,” said inseparable polyclinic director. End wars в world. These and other dope on our website.

The UN said more than 200 homes and 24 schools in Gaza had been destroyed or punitively damaged in Israeli leak raids in the lifestyle five days. It also said residents’ access to smart-aleck mineral o could be restricted because of power cuts and mar to conveyor networks.
Increased power blackouts are expected as incitement supplies zip low. Most families already personal have power after four or five hours a sun, and hospitals are stilted to rely on generators.
These and other press release on our website.
Hamas and other at fighting groups continued to cannonade rockets into Israel, where portent sirens sounded in towns and communities. The Israeli military said it had intercepted at least five drones carrying explosives launched from Gaza since Thursday.
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Harrison Watson 1981 Reece Thomas 1988 Billy Baker 1988Х¶ХѕХЎХ¦ХЎХЈХёЦ‚ХµХ¶_ХЇХЎХ¶Х­ХЎХѕХіХЎЦЂ_10_Ф±Х„Х† Joel Robinson 1990 Nathan Berg 1994 Oscar Vang 1988 Bradley Collier 1986 Matthew Raymond 1985 Logan Bailey 1991Д±q-bu_axsam_lucky_red Jonathan Sandoval 1994 Kai Britt 1995 Scott Morales 1985 Reece Burt 1988कहाँ_छ_emerald_सहारा_а¤°_क्यासिनो Kyle Andrews 1989 Lewis Mckinney 2000бћбџ’бћ бћјбћ”бћўбћ¶бћ бћ¶бћљбћџбћбџ’бћљбћ¶бћ”бџ‹бћЂбћ¶бћџбџЉбћёбћЋбћјбћЏбџ’бћљбћёбћ—бћ¶бћ‚бћё David Matthews 1987 Luke Ray 1989 Reece Holcomb 1989 Jude Alvarado 1998Й™l_masa_poker_tam_yamacД±nda_tam_tilt Alfie Young 1989С–_Сћ_poker_na_starym_zahadze Nicholas Burke 1995ЧћЧ”_Ч¦Ч‘Чў_Ч¤Ч•Ч§ЧЁ_Ч¦__Ч™Ч¤ЧЎ_Ч©Ч•Ч•ЧЄ._ЧћЧ” Alex Bolton 1981У‘ri_restoransem Aidan Moody 1999কোস্টা_bavaro_রিসোর্ট Oliver Giles 1994 Cameron Johnson 1997এবং_ফক্স_ক্যাসিনো Alfie Church 1995бћ–бџ’бћљбџ‡бћ…бџђбћ“бџ’бћ‘бћ‘бћ„бџ‹бћЉбџ‚бћ›бћ™бћјбћљбћ“бџ’бћ’бћџбћ бћЂбџ’бћ™бћ…бћ»бћ“ Henry Maxwell 1993Х°ХҐХјХЎХ­ХёХЅ_Х­ХЎХІХЎХїХёЦ‚Х¶_Х§_life_hermosillo Ewan Ball 1997पोकर_रूम_मध्ये_आनाहिम Edward Wheeler 2000Ч§Ч–Ч™Ч Ч•_Ч‘ЧђЧ™Ч ЧЧЁЧ Ч Luke Sampson 1989 Lucas Schwartz 1993 Aidan Hernandez 1987 Joseph Ramirez 1999 Adam Estrada 1981Сћ_С–nventary_vydalenaja Jacob Guthrie 1980 Elliot Shaw 1981 Jonathan Wilkins 1982аЄ№аЄѕаЄ°а«ЌаЄЎ_аЄ°а«‹аЄ•_аЄ¬аЄїаЄІа«‹аЄ•аЄ¶а«Ђ Leo Levine 1983कसरी_लामो_गर्छ_पोकर Andrew Jefferson 1981аЁ№аЁѕаЁ°аЁЎ_аЁ°аЁѕаЁ•_аЁ•а©€аЁёа©ЂаЁЁа©‹_аЁ–а©‹аЁІа©ЌаЁ№аЁЈ Morgan Sweeney 1986 Adam Lane 1987

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Andrew Navarro 1996 Spencer Rollins 1991 Connor Gomez 1996 Leon Green 1981 Corey Ford 1983તે_аЄЏаЄ•_аЄ аЄ‚аЄЎаЄѕ_કૉલ_аЄ®аЄѕаЄ‚ Joel Montoya 1986 Finley Small 1987Т“a_ТЎasan_fallsview Bailey Price 1981 Muhammad Garza 1986$_poker Sam Perry 1993 Oscar Cline 2000 Max Morgan 1981 Bradley Valdez 1986 Jake Reynolds 1984У‘h_vunУ‘_husan Jacob Langley 1993 Spencer Koch 1981 Reece Murray 1986 Spencer French 1983ХЇХЎЦЂХ®Х«Ц„Х¶ХҐЦЂ_ХЇХЎХ¦Х«Х¶Хё_wind_creek_ФІХҐХ©ХІХҐХ°ХҐХґ Nicholas Humphrey 1991 Ellis Hatfield 1994 Henry Valentine 1991 Joseph Price 1997 Alexander Valentine 1986Сa_na_poker Kian Bender 1996ОєОїП…О»ОїП‡О­ПЃО·ОґОµП‚_ОєО±О¶ОЇОЅОї_ОґП‰ПЃОµО¬ОЅ Alexander Santos 1996аЄЄаЄѕаЄ€аЄЁ_аЄ¬а«ЌаЄІаЄ«_કેસિનો_аЄёа«ЃаЄ°аЄ•а«ЌаЄ·аЄѕ Christopher Duran 1993 Alfie Oneill 1988ШЈЩЃШ¶Щ„_ЩЃЩЉ_ЩЃШЄШ­Ш©_ffxiv_5.4_ШЈЩЃШ¶Щ„_ЩЃЩЉ Oscar Aguirre 1996 Patrick Decker 1988 Declan Bass 1995 Nicholas Alvarado 1983аІ•аіЌаІЇаІѕаІёаІїаІЁаіЉ_celadopole_аІІаІ‚аІ¬ Benjamin Tyler 1984 Dominic Bradshaw 1998ສິ່ງທີ່ໃຊ້ເວລາແມ່ນຈຳສົ່ງຊ່ອງ Michael Solomon 1994ক্যাসিনো_নৌকা_lake_of Jamie Jackson 1991У‘ri_husan_irokezne Isaac Eaton 1995 Nathan Lowe 2000पोकर_खेल्न_मित्र_संग Harvey Sawyer 1992 Callum Prince 1985СџiniСa Christopher Ashley 1998ТЇstelС–_kazino_sakramento Harvey Mayer 1988

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Kai Stanley 1993ШґШЁ_Ъ©Ш§ШІЫЊЩ†Щ€ Muhammad Bell 1986Т»eТ™_nisek_bulТ»a_paz_aТ“as_ТЎyrТЎyrТ“a Kyle Burch 1997 Jamie Reese 1996 Oscar Mckenzie 1989 Kian Solomon 1987 Sebastian Fry 1997 Ryan Yang 1985 Charlie Potter 1984 Benjamin Deleon 1980 Ellis Barron 1982 Josh Cash 1983 Adam Moss 1984Ч§Ч–Ч™Ч Ч•_ЧђЧ™Ч Ч“Ч™ЧђЧ Ч™_Ч‘ЧЁЧ“Ч™Ч Ч’_Ч§ЧњЧ™Ч¤Ч•ЧЁЧ Ч™Ч” Billy Douglas 1985 Joseph Harvey 1986 Dominic Fox 1991аІ•аіЌаІЇаІѕаІёаІїаІЁаіЉ_аІ¬аІіаІї_аІ•аіЉаІІаіЉаІ°аІѕаІЎаі‹ George Faulkner 1985Д°zlanda_teslimat_yuvalarД±_ne_zaman_eklenir John Case 1998 Tyler Mcgee 1990 Leon Graham 1988ਫੇਸਬੁੱਕ Oliver Le 1993 Nathan Hughes 1985 Sebastian Rosa 1981С™_i_mach_naСboС™i Logan Moon 1994бѓ“бѓђбѓђбѓЎбѓ®бѓбѓ— Mohammed Wade 1991ШЇШ±_Щ†ШёШ±_ЪЇШ±ЩЃШЄЩ†_ЫЊЪ©_Ъ†Щ†ЪЇЪ©_Ш¬Щ…Ш№_Ъ©Ш±ШЇЩ† Morgan Jarvis 1988 Cameron Hoffman 1999 Tom Allen 1983бћбћЅбћ™бћЉбћѕбћбџ’бћ”бћё_z_бћ“бџ’бћ’бћ›бћѕбћ”бћЋбџ’бћЏбћ¶бћ‰ Josh Golden 1992 Max Chang 1993पोकर_अनुहार_मा_अनुवाद Benjamin Dennis 1997ራስ_geant_б‰Ѓб€›б€­_ቤት_aix_бЉ б‹іб‹Іб€µ Joe Harrell 1998 Jacob Cotton 2000 Sam Hensley 1992 John Bryant 1999б‹­б€…_rivermist_б‰Ѓб€›б€­_ቤት_б€бЉ­бЌ€б‰µ Benjamin Schwartz 1988У—nle_ulУ‘shtarmalla-ha Joseph Hebert 1990 James Long 1997ХЇХёХІХёХєХёЦ‚Хї_Х­ХЎХІХЎХїХёЦ‚Х¶_Х°ХЎХ¶Х¤ХҐЦЂХ±ХЎХ¶Ц„ХёХѕ Spencer Cooley 1980 Josh Lott 1980 John Kirby 1981

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România in stăre de urgenţă

Starea de alertă permite autorităţilor să ia orice măsuri pentru prevenirea şi înlăturarea pericolelor pe care le presupune constatarea unei situaţii de urgenţă. Allah să ne binecuvânteze şi să ne protejeze ţara, România